Private Dance Lessons London – Why?

Why Have Private Dance Lessons?

There are many benefits to having private dance lessons rather than group classes or courses.

Private dance lessons are the best way to learn to dance. It enables a student to learn at the fastest possible rate and at a speed of learning that suits them. Private lessons also have the advantage of being able to be scheduled at a time that works best for you student.

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A private lessons means that you have the undivided attention of a teacher. Unlike a group class, where the teacher has to look after anything from 5-35 students in an hour, a private lesson sees the student receive all of the teachers attention.

This has the unique benefit of meaning that they are able to learn far more in private lesson, than if they were in a group class environment.

Learn At Your Pace

A private lessons also means that the student can learn at a speed that suits them. If they learn quickly then they can be taught quicker and vide versa if they would prefer learning at a slower speed. In a group class the teacher has to either teach a specific amount of content (which will leave some students behind) or they will teach at a slower speed to ensure that all students understand what is begin taught. Whatever the method used by the teacher, the outcome is the same....not everyone will be learning at their own pace.


Depending on the teachers, and the studios availability, the student can book in their lessons at a time that suits them. Unlike group classes which have to be prearranged, scheduled and advertised private lessons offer far more flexibility for the student.

Choose What You Learn

Students can also choose exactly what they want to learn and in how much depth they choose. In a group class, students are limited to the content that is set for the course and the class as a whole.

As you can see from the reasons set above, private dance lessons offer far more choice and options for the dancer than group classes. If you're interested in taking private lessons, you can contact me on: INSERT NUMBER